Cambelts and Clutches

At DC Lomas, our speciality is clutches and cambelts.

Every component in your vehicle is essential, but if your cambelt fails, the potential impact can be significant and very costly.

You might be reversing on your drive. You might be in fifth gear in the outside lane of the motorway. A cambelt can fail without any warning.

Listen to your engine – if there are any unusual noises or vibrations, it’s time to call DC Lomas so that we can check your cambelt for signs of wear and tear.

We have the best range of specialised cambelt tools in the area, which means we can ensure that your engine will be “cambelt safe”.

We’ll adjust the tensioners, synchronise the timing, check the water pumps and the antifreeze too so that you can drive your vehicle with confidence and security.

We can offer perfect outcomes for every job using precision laser tools, making your vehicle run to optimal standards.

If replacement parts are required, we only select OEM (original equipment manufacturer), so you can be sure of the quality and long life of the components in your vehicle.

Concerned about your cambelt or clutch? Then why not speak to us to see how we can help you.